S.A.L. – Alpha-Hop City IPA Series #2, 7.3% ABV
This newly released IPA is named by the first letter of the hops it is brewed with: Simcoe, Azacca & Loral. Juicy aromas & flavors of peach, citrus and soft melon surround an underlying bitterness that won’t let you forget it’s an IPA.

King Knut – Maple Brown Ale, 5.6% ABV
Sweet maple-toffee aromas introduce toasty, nutty malts that perfectly complement delicious flavors of fresh, local maple syrup from the historic Lusscroft Farms in Wantage, NJ with just e hint of sweetness in the flavor!

Erik the Orange – An Oaked Ale brewed with Oranges, 7.8% ABV
Erik the Red infamously “discovered” Greenland after being exiled from Iceland & persuaded settlers to come with him to this rough & icy terrain with its pastoral name. Erik the Orange, however is a beautiful orange-colored ale brewed with fresh orange juice and orange zest and exiled in the fermenter with toasted oak chips. Notes of buttery-vanilla envelope the fresh orange taste in this refreshing Seasonal Ale.

Quadhalla – 4th Anniversary Belgian-style Quadrupel aged with Dates, 11.0% ABV
What better way to celebrate Angry Erik Brewing’s 4 th Anniversary than a Belgian Quad?
This velvety ale is packed with flavors of rich caramel and hints of vanilla. Organic dates add a pleasantly sweet component to an inherently complex dark fruit character developed from the combination of 4 different specialty malts. The perfect beverage to rehydrate the Warriors of Valhalla… what else can we say but, “QUAD Damnnn!”



4.9% Key Lime Pie Session Ale
Description: Brewed with a hefty amount of oats and wheat and just a hint of honey malt, a touch of cinnamon and some milk sugar with Cacade in the kettle, conditioned with Key Lime juice and Madagascar Vanilla before getting dry hopped with Wakatu, Cascade and Citra bring this pie in a glass to life. Bursting with notes of fresh zested lime, citrus and pillowy marshmallow. Spring is right around the corner!

8.1% Double IPA
Description: Find your euphoric state with this absurdly hopped DIPA! Brewed with heaps of malted and flaked oats, a bit of wheat, Amarillo and Idaho 7 and dry hopped with Wai-iti, Topaz, Citra, Amarillo and Idaho 7 – dripping with apricot, papaya and peach.

4.9% Pina Colada Session
Description: Heavily wheated up session brewed with Milk Sugar then dosed with a whole lot of Citra and Mosaic before being conditioned atop coconut, pineapple and vanilla – If you like getting caught in the rain then this is the summer jammer for you!

11.1% Imperial Coconut Milk Porter with Spices
Description: Shiver me timbulls! We packed the mash tun fuller than the aft hull of a big ol’ ship! This deep, dark milk porter was brewed with a variety of Caribbean inspired spices before being conditioned atop luscious coconut and Madagascar Vanilla. Scoop up this booty before it sets sail!


Carton Brewing Atlantic Highlands NJ



SPECIAL VIP = BBA Abbey Cherry Tripel – This light, medium body Belgian Tripel is rich with aromas and flavor of spice, banana, clove and cherry from the beer and vanilla and bourbon overtones from the oak barrels. A LIMITED EDITION batch aged in Wild Turkey Barrels for 180 days! 8.9 ABV, 31 IBU

Sim-Notic Imperial IPA – Massive amounts of Simcoe hops and specialty grains combine for a unique blend of malt sweetness and big hop bitterness. Rich in color and full of flavor, SIM-NOTIC is a hophead’s dream! 8.2 ABV, 71.4 IBU

Hopnotic IPA – Four different brewing hops and generous dry hopping result in a beer with a huge hop nose and flavor indicative of grapefruit and tropical fruit. Well-balanced with a solid malt backbone, HOPNOTIC will impress any IPA enthusiast. 6.5 ABV, 54 IBU

Jersey Summer Breakfast Ale – Brewed with the best quality malts and fermented with a traditional Belgian yeast that imparts a tangy fruit and clove taste. This ale is as at home with bacon and eggs as it is with your backyard barbecue. The Abbey Monks would love this beer! 5.0 ABV, 19.5 IBU



Hoppy Java- is a big bodied, intensely hopped golden IPA with a distinct coffee presence. Cold brewed coffee complements the hop flavors but doesn’t add to the beer’s overall bitterness. The beer is hopped several times and then dry hopped with Cascade, Centennial and Citra.
Alcohol by Volume: 7.5%
IBU’s: 85

Exit 7 Pork Roll Porter-Nothing highlights the North/South divide of New Jersey more than the breakfast sandwich debate: Egg, cheese and ? Southerners call it pork roll, while further North, it’s called ham. Whatever you call it, it’s good! This dark brown, caramel porter, features aromas of cocoa with hints of maple and smoke from the peat smoked barley. Flavors showcase chocolate, maple, toasted nuts and a bit of spice from the pork roll.
Alcohol by Volume: 7.5%
IBU’s: 35

Exit 10 Trail Mix-Smooth and tasty brown ale features notes of toasted malt, caramel, dried fruit and chocolate
Alcohol by Volume: 7.5%
IBU’s: 16

SPECIAL Love Fish-(Sour Abbey Dubbel aged in Bourbon barrels with Cherries and Vanilla)
Aroma:Slight red fruit, lactic tang, slight sweet roast, mild citrus.
Flavor: Tangy upfront, slightly sweet fig in body, light roast, lingering grapefruit bitterness.

Alcohol by Volume: 7.2%


Magnify Brewing


Ramstein Beer

Maibock – Maibock, 7% ABV
Rich Amber bock beer brewed with imported Munich and Pilsner Malts and fermented with a rare lager yeast. This beer has a deep malt character and body with a hint of toffee in the aroma. The Noble hops balance the richness of the malts and provide a complex profile that hides the 7% adv.

Spin IPA – India Pale Ale, 7% ABV
Reaching arms across oceans and continents to bring together hops and malts from around the world. Brewed with our German-American brewing technics and robustly dry hopped. Unfiltered for maximum effect. Our spin on an IPA

Triple Platinum – Imperial Blonde Hefeweizen, 10% ABV
Rich and deeply flavorful, this is Weiss Beer boosted to the next level. The rich fruit and spicy clove aromas intertwine with rich flavors of barley, wheat and yeast.

***SPECIAL*** Bourbon Barrel Aged Ink Black Lager – Schwartzbier, 5.5% ABV
Black Lager a.k.a. Schwarzbier in German. A style from the MiddleAges. Medium-bodied, malty and chocolate in color, with a creamy, long-lasting head. Surprisingly soft and elegant brew that is rich, mild, and smooth.


Tuckahoe Brewing Co.


902 Brewing

Red card red ale– a 6.9% red ale with an American hop craze spin. Dry hopped excessively with Simcoe

Kurtoscalacs– 7.4% Cinnamon Hazelenut Coffee Milk Stout. Designed to be a liquor version of the popular Hungarian dessert bearing its name, Kurto pairs bready and dark malts with cinnamon, hazelnut, and milk sugar. A dessert beer you can enjoy with dinner, or with breakfast the next morning!

PATH– Our flagship pale ale. A 5.3% easy drinker that you’ll be able to have a few of. Light malt with a slight citrus and grapefruit hop presence. Brewed with cascade, nugget, and galena

**Cask: Pineapple Habanero HHH- 6.5%. Inspired by a pineapple habanero dip, this cask perfectly balances out heat and sweet. We used our ‘Heaven Hell or Hoboken’ IPA as a base, as the hop profile perfectly compliments the pineapple and habanero



Raspberry Tripel Horse Our original award winning Tripel Horse Belgian style ale, with the addition of 14 pounds of raspberries per barrel. Not overly fruity and very smooth. 10% ABV

Summer Blonde
A light, refreshing blonde ale. 4.5% ABV

SPECIAL – Stouty Stout 2.0
A bomb of an imperial stout, brewed with a complex combination of dark malts, lactose, and oats, and then aged in bourbon barrels for almost a year. 12% ABV



Scarlet Night Red Ale – American Amber / Red
5.8% ABV 40 IBU
A blend of five different malts gives this brew intense red color and complexity, a medium body with light caramel sweetness and a feint roast finish. Just enough hops balance it out with a slight bitterness and great flavor that trails into an earthy floral nose.

Gallows Hill IPA – American
7% ABV 40 IBU
This take on the New England style IPA will have you wondering if we’re using magic. Like concocting a spell, we used a different combination of citrus hops and yeast to bring you into a realm that nobody has been to before.

Astarte Cream Ale
5.5% ABV 18 IBU
In documented mythology the creation of strawberries is attributed to the ancient Goddess Astarte, more commonly known by her Greek name Aphrodite. Legend says that upon the death of the mortal Adonis that the Goddess wept with such passion that her tears fell to the ground as small red hearts. We started with a traditional Cream Ale, light and crisp with a great mouthfeel… Then we added fresh strawberries to give it an incredible nose, and slight tart finish. With just the right amount of fruit to make it noticeable but not overpowering, this spring/summer seasonal is a perfect offering to the celestial mother of love.

SPECIAL Pride Stout – Irish Dry (Specialty sixtel)
5% ABV 42 IBU
This dry Irish stout is everything we have come to expect from the style. Just the right amount of roast and bitterness give this creamy stout its classic appeal. Try it on NITRO for an even creamier mouthfeel.



BFG -: Blood Orange Pale Ale brewed with Mandarina and Lactose, dry hopped with Mandarina, and aged on Blood Oranges. 5% ABV

Alva: Imperial Porter. 8% ABV

Weize Guy: German style Hefeweizen brewed with Hallertauer. 4.9%

Special Beer: Alva aged on Nicaraguan Coffee. 8%



Hill Street Honey Blonde Ale

Iced Coffee Stout

Special Beer – 1st Act Gruit Ale (collaboration with 2nd Act Beer, they will have 2nd Act Gruit at their booth)





May’s Maize
Lager – Mexican
5.5% ABV 18 IBU
We started with a German Vienna lager and added a generous helping of maize to bring in that classic south-of- the-border flavor. It’ll remind you of the beach on a summer’s day and keep you coming back for more.

Rose Madder
Red Ale – Irish
6% ABV 25 IBU
Not just another pretty face, Rose will crack you with her Shillelagh and make you love her. A dryer finish than many Irish Reds, and a deep ruby red color.

SPECIAL – Tettnang Dreams
Pale Ale – American
7% ABV 48 IBU
Our first APA, it’s packed with Tettnang hops, bringing a bright, fruity, spicy hop character, and a dry, clean finish. A pint or two of this and you’ll be seeing it in your dreams.




Brix City Brewing

Gloria – Belgian Blonde ale – 5.5% ABV
Belgian Abbaye Yeast gives this traditional Belgian blonde ale hints of citrus and banana. Light and refreshing.

Just Another IPA – American IPA 6.5% ABV
East Coast American IPA brewed with Mosiac, Amarillo, Cascade & Motueka Hops. Hazy and flavorful.

SPECIAL – Brewer’s Cask – TBD
It should be some version of one of our Jams beers.



Blue Bishop — Blueberry IPA
Social Mosaic — Berliner Weisse
Street Series: Rosé — rosé inspired Gose.



SPECIAL – Madagascar – NEW
ABV: 5.8% – Vanilla Porter
Our Porter features real Madagascar vanilla beans. Consistent with the porter style, Madagascar is very dark in color and has a smooth roast aroma and flavor to complement the vanilla beans.

MO PILS (Mount Olive Pilsner)
ABV 4.5% – Traditional, German-style Pilsner
With its name a nod our hometown of Mount Olive, our Pilsner is golden, light bodied, slight sweetness that finishes with a spicy, dry hop aroma and flavor. You’ll want more.

Rake Breaker
ABV- 6.5% – New England Style IPA
Tropical IPA with Mosaic and Amarillo. Fresh, and incredibly drinkable. A tornado of tropical hops will be sure to break your perception of traditional bitter IPAs.

Sun Kissed Citra
ABV: 5.5% – NE-Style IPA
This hazy, oated IPA is a silky citrus bomb. Hopped with loads of Citra and complimented with a soft piney touch of Centennial. A sweet orange nose, paired with citrus and tropical flavors together with a warming finish create a highly drinkable beer!


Climax Brewing



Hackensack Lager
Maiden Voyage Pale Ale
Special Pin of our Imperial Oatmeal Milk Stout



Brotherton IPA – 6.6%
Brotherton IPA is golden hop magic in liquid form. As with all of our hop-driven beers, Brotherton IPA is gloriously unfiltered to retain every drop of hop goodness we’ve put so much effort into creating. This IPA delivers pure hop character for your sensory pleasure. Dry-hopped profoundly with Citra hops, this beer drips with notes of lychee, tropical citrus, and deep dank hop character.

Jersey Devil Double IPA – 8.4%
Jersey Devil Double IPA is our statement of what a Double IPA can be. Made in the hazy, obsessively aromatic Northeast style, and showcasing intense aromas and flavors of classic American hops with soft, drying bitterness and gentle malt character that makes the mouth water. Jersey Devil Double IPA is soft and juicy, with intense aromas of peachy tangerine juice, pine resin, and dank earthy-green hops!

Green Earth American Pale Ale – 5.6%
Green Earth is our newest American Pale Ale made in the same obsessively aromatic style as all of our hoppy ales. Brewed with rye, oats, and Munich

malt, this beer emanates the depth of our beloved American hops…Simcoe and Citra. Massive flavors and aromas of intense fresh pine, juicy, resinous grapefruit and mango, fresh-cut grass, and deep, dank, earthy orange flesh. The Green covers the Earth, and makes us all smile.

SPECIAL – Earthbound Wild Saison – 6.3%
A mixed culture Belgian style farmhouse ale fermented in red wine barrels.



SPECIAL – Harmonic Rhythm– Belgian- style Ale 5.5% ABV
Ginger ale, lime, and your favorite neutral spirit make one helluva cocktail — especially when served in a copper mug. That was the impetus behind our latest summer crusher, Harmonic Rhythm. A hefty dose of freshly-minced ginger added to the boil plays the part of frontman for this little diddy, garnished with a hint of fresh mint and the juices of lemon and lime rounding out the melody — a gentle burn from the ginger pairs beautifully with its bright acidity, bringing together a harmonious marriage of flavors. Cruising along in three-quarters time at a steady 120 BPM, Harmonic Rhythm rolls in at an easy going 5.5%, letting you groove all night long.

The Bog- Cranberry Shandy 3.9% ABV
What happens when you make a Cranberry Wheat and accidentally add too much cranberry? Embrace it and turn it into a Shandy! A tart cranberry wheat beer blended with lemonade, The Bog is light and refreshing while still packing tons of flavor.

Always Ready– Pale Ale 4.8% ABV

Cape May is home to the Coast Guard, so we salute those who are Always Ready with a juicy, Northeast Pale Ale. With the addition of wheat and oats for a medium body and with brilliant aromas of tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, and citrus zest, this lush hop-bomb is Always Ready.

Follow the Gull– American IPA 5.5%
Originally brewed to celebrate Cape May County’s 325th anniversary, we brew Follow the Gull with a ridiculous amount of Citra, El Dorado, Azacca, and Amarillo hops, yielding a juicy and ultra-drinkable hop-bomb bursting with tropical and citrus aromas. Though the anniversary has passed, we loved Follow the Gull too much not to brew it again.



SPECIALTY *The Gunsmith – Maple Caramel Bacon Smoked Lager – 6.3%* Medium smoked malt flavor with a mix of sweet was from malts and maple syrup

Huntsman Kolsch – 4.8% – Light crisp with low bitterness, super refreshing

Deep Sea Stargazer – 7% Citrus and Tropical fruit with mild resin and low bitterness.

The Miner – Black Lager – 4.8% – Coffee, chocolate and toasty, but light on the palatte with a crisp clean finish.



Double Nickel IPA – India Pale Ale, 8% ABV
With over 2 lbs of hops per barrel, the nose and finish on this beer are dominated by notes of grapefruit, pine and lemon. The late hop additions make it dangerously drinkable.

Lawnsurfer – New England IPA, 6.3%
Easy drinking juicy IPA that will have you riding the wave of tropical hoppiness. For maximum appreciation, enjoy with loud music and friends.

Laid Back Lager – American Lager, 5.3%
Everything you want in an American Lager and more – drinkable, light, clean, and crisp – with notes of sweet summer melon.

***SPECIAL***Marbled Buffalo – Bourbon Barrel Aged Rye Ale, 8% ABV
Marbled Buffalo is our our Rye that has been aging in Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels for the last 4 months.



SPECIAL – Hoppe Stad #005 (Dry Hopped Smoked Saison)
ABV: 5.5%
A saison brewed with all local malt from Rabbit Hill Farms in Southern New Jersey. It features a touch of Applewood smoked malt. It is then dry hopped with Styrian Cardinal. It has notes of pineapple, citrus, apples and a little smoke to it.

Maiden Flight (West Coast IPA)
ABV: 8%
This beer’s strong tropical hop aroma comes from being heavily dry hopped with Summit, Amarillo & the formerly known as Equinox hops.

“Spelt” Wrong IPA (Hazy IPA)
ABV: 7.5%
A hazy India Pale Ale brewed with spelt and dry hopped intensely with Vic Secret & Motueka.

Station Lager (Vienna Style Lager)
ABV: 5.3%
This easy drinking Vienna Style Lager has notes of freshly baked bread, caramel and finishes with a noble hop character. Prost!



Sinfully Citra (5.8% abv) – We hopped this American IPA tenaciously with Citra and Denali in the whirlpool and dry hop creating lush citrus and tropical fruit notes on the nose. Heavy additions of oats and wheat balance the mild bitterness, leaving the beer with a medium body and crisp, slightly piney finish.

Blueberry Saison (5.5% ABV): This classic light bodied Saison is flavored with mosaic hops and then conditioned on a truckload of local Hammonton Blueberries, creating a beautifully colored farmhouse ale! Bright colored, crisp, and juicy… With just a little bit of bite! The perfect summer beer!

Escape From Reality (8.0 % ABV): An all American DIPA featuring Amarillo, Mosaic and Simcoe hops. Aromas of ripe orange peel and citrus lead to a light pillowy mouthfeel with bright flavors of ripe orange, mango and hints of grapefruit.

** SPECIAL BEER** Evolution (5.6% abv): A true summer delight! This American IPA is kettle and dry hopped with Citra and Denali then conditioned on lactose, soursop, vanilla beans and even more Citra, making this one reminiscent of our favorite summer treat, a creamsicle!

– This will be the only keg leaving the brewery!



Modern Cup of Sole – session coffee stout 5.1%

Playoff Beered – pale ale 5.8%

SPECIAL CASK – Hose Play IPA with a unique dry hop and fruiting

Bumper Hops – Gluten free NEIPA


Icarus Brewing

French Saison| ABV 6.5% |
Instantly greeted by complex esters from the Saison yeast, our Valjean features notes of Lemongrass that combine with hints of ginger and orange peel to create a light and refreshing beer that finishes with the perfect amount of dryness.
Yukon Cornelius | Coffee Porter | ABV 4.7% | IBU:33 |

Coffee malt infused porter with a light sweetness balanced out by notes of rye. One sip and you’ll be fighting a bumble, befriending a reindeer, and growing a foot long beard (not guaranteed).

Yacht Juice | North East IPA | ABV 8% | IBU 35 |
North East style IPA copiously hopped with Citra, Mosaic, and Columbus leaving it with a combination of dank, citrusy notes.

SPECIAL -Kalashnikov with Koffee | Russian Imperial Stout | ABV 14.5% | IBU 100 |
Our Kalashnikov base RIS is brewed with brown sugar and maple syrup this rich and malty stout has hits of roasted coffee and chocolate. Finished on roasted pecan coffee.


Ship Bottom brewery

Mexican Cerveza:
Our Cerveza has a subtle sweetness from corn, earthly tones from the SAAZ hops & a touch of Black Eyed Susan’s Sea Salt with a kiss of Lime! Enjoy on a Lazy, Sunny Beach Day
ABV: 5%

The Shack IPA:
Our Flagship sought-after IPA loaded with Simcoe, Mosaic & Citra Hops. Tropical & Stone Fruit aromas. Named after the Iconic Causeway Shack as you make your way onto LBI for your vacation destination.
ABV: 6%

The Baconator Stout:
Perfect Beer for a Bacon & Beer Showdown. This Smokey Stout is brewed with bacon, maple syrup, coffee, chocolate & oatmeal giving this special offering full flavor & great body.
ABV: 9%

***The Chicken or the EGG IPA:
Our most popular seasonal & very limited offering, this special IPA is made with a Plethora of Hops which include Columbus, Amarillo, Galaxy & Citra and then enhanced with Honey, Habanero & Cayenne Peppers creating unique “Spicy” finish. Made in collaboration with our good friends at the CHEGG on LBI, this recipe was inspired by the “Killer Beesting” wing
ABV: 7.5%


Fort Nonsense

Benedict Amber Traitor Ale, 5.4% ABV
We like to think that maybe Old Benedict would have reconsidered his poor choices after a sip of our amber ale! One of our flagships, this ale is a malt-forward brew with a slight caramel sweetness and a moderate hop profile with cascade, nugget and willamette hops.

Arnold’s Tavern Porter (Coffee Edition), 5.1% ABV
Aged on a special Kenyan, Guatemalan and Costa Rican coffee blend created in conjunction with Pompton Plains’s TOCA Coffee, this porter is as robust as George Washington’s ivory dentures. The roasty brew is packed with notes of savory dark chocolate that balance well with the smooth coffee taste for an easy-drinking porter.

Great Falls IPA, 6.0% ABV
The NJ waterfall this beer is named for may be the second-largest on the east coast, but that doesn’t even begin to describe the massive flavors flowing into this crisp IPA. Expect major citrus and grapefruit vibes as it plunges towards a hoppy finish. Brewed and dry-hopped with cascade, chinook and amarillo hops.

SPECIAL: Upper Redoubt Tripel, 8.7% ABV
Fun fact: “The Upper Redoubt” was George Washington’s original designation for our brewery’s namesake, Fort Nonsense. To honor the intial name, we’ve brewed a traditional Belgian Tripel. Starting with a bready and malty backbone, this brew has earthy hop overtones and a dry finish. Try it now before it disappears into casks for hibernation!


2nd ACT

Riptide Fiddler – Amber Lager
Herbal mango, grapefruit aromas from the hops blend with the lightly toasted biscuit base built from the malt bill. This hoppy amber drinks smooth with a balanced flavor profile, finishing dry with a hint of chocolate.

House Kölsch – Kölsch
An American edition of a traditional German kölsch blends citrusy and piney Simcoe aromas, vinous kölsch yeast, and crisp malt profile into a deliciously refreshing package.

Steel Sax – American Pale Ale
A NJ take on an American Pale Ale. Generous amounts of late-stage fruit-forward hops were added in the kettle and dry hopped to create a beer that’s high in flavor and low in bitterness. Notes of ripe peach, tangerine, and papaya jump out of the glass in this refreshing, unfiltered brew.

***2nd Act – Gruit
Deep mahogany in color. This brown ale was dosed with medieval herbs, creating an herbal tea note to blend with the nutty, toasted malt character.


Twin Elephant

Split the Megahertz – American IPA – 6.6% ABV – An IPA with a hoppy footprint. Splash of milk sugar creates a slick and chewy body and mouthfeel. DDH of Lemondrop, Citra and Galaxy creates notes of ripe honeydew, ripe mango, and nectarine. *contains lactose

Diamonds and Pearls – Milk Stout w/ Boxwood Roaster’s El Jefe Roast – 5.5% ABV – A dark, sweet & rich Milk Stout base on locally roasted El Jefe coffee beans from our Boxwood Coffee Roasters. Lactose adds a smooth full body. Robust flavors of baker’s chocolate, toasted almond, and dark roast coffee beans.

SPECIAL – Mr. Pinkerton w/ Guava – American Wheat Ale w/ Hibiscus and Guava Puree – Description TBD, not finished with tasting notes.

Lil’ Shimmy Ye’ Variant – American Pale Ale w/ vanilla beans, pineapple and mango – Lil’ Shimmy Ye’ with mango, pineapple and Madagascar vanilla beans is like a sherbet juice box. Base is still pale ale, DDH of Mosaic, Citra and Belma hops creating a melon fruit parfait! Twisted burst of macerated mango and pineapple rind soaked in apricot pulp and honeydew residue.


New Jersey Beer Company

Brewers Darkside Chocolate Oatmeal Raisin Stout– This delicious imperial stout clocks in at 8.4%. We used a few massive chocolate bars, plenty of oats, and a few boxes of raisins. You’ll pickup a sweetness that delicately masks the high alcohol content

Berliner Weiss– The first ever sour beer brewed here at NJBC, this 3.6% Berliner was designed in the traditional style. Slightly bready, tart enough to refresh but not enough to pucker your lips. A great beer for the spring

Enjoy 005– Imperial IPA with Colombus, Chinook, and Zythos hops. A slight perceived sweetness with plenty of hop burst, smooth drinking for 8.2%

**Cask: Citra Ekuanot eNJoy NEIPA- on vanilla beans, mango purée, and lactose. Our take on the ‘Milkshake IPA’



Regular Coffee 12% Imperial Cream Ale
APIOGERETLA 10% Black American Ale


Gaslight Brewery Restaurant