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Kiwi Krush, New Zealand Style IPA, 7.2% 50 IBU Nelson Sauvin and Riwaka Hopped – New Zealand hops make this IPA pop on the nose and give it a fruity aftertaste. This is the last keg so get it while it lasts!

C’est La Vie Saison, 6% – A French based easy drinking Saison for the warmer months. Floral, perfumy notes accentuate the Belgian yeast used to craft this special one-off brew. Enjoy today because it’ll be gone tomorrow. Such is Life!

Heaven, Hell or Hoboken IPA – An American style IPA and our flagship beer where the Nugget hops really come through on the back end. Cascade hops are added late in the boil and impart a flowery, slightly citrus smell. 6.5%

VIP CASK: Pineapple habanero cask of the Heaven, Hell or Hoboken IPA (5.4 gallon pin) – Our flagship IPA, cask conditioned with fresh pineapple and habanero. A nice bit of sweet with some heat. 6.5%


Summer Blonde, 4.5% ABV
A light, refreshing Ale that is easy to drink yet complex. Perfect for the warmer months.

Hippotizing IPA, 7.5% ABV
Our American IPA is a cross between the West Coast and New England styles. It’s brewed with a pale malt profile to allow the hops to shine through, then dry hopped with over two pounds per barrel worth of Mosaic. This is a great amped up IPA for hop lovers.

Roly Poly Pils, 5.3% ABV
A complex balance of malts round out Czech Saaz and German Hallertau hops, followed by a clean and crisp finish. A classic Czech-style Pilsner, our Roly Poly Pils is a super drinkable and tasty year round beer!

The fourth beer is going to be a cask:
Special Ale with Bourbon Oak Chips and Vanilla Beans, 5.5%
A variety of specialty malts are the backbone of this American Amber Ale, meanwhile the notes from the bourbon oak and vanilla are a perfect compliment.

Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Co.



Astarte- Strawberry Cream ale, 5.5% ABV
In documented mythology the creation of strawberries is attributed to the ancient Goddess Astarte, more commonly known by her Greek name Aphrodite. Legend says that upon the death of the mortal Adonis that the Goddess wept with such passion that her tears fell to the ground as small red hearts. We started with a traditional Cream Ale, light and crisp with a great mouthfeel… Then we added fresh strawberries to give it an incredible nose, and slight tart finish. With just the right amount of fruit to make it noticeable but not overpowering, this spring/summer seasonal is a perfect offering to the celestial mother of love.

Gallows Hill- New England Style IPA, 7% ABV
A beer as hazy as the nights sky in Salem. This take on the New England style IPA will have you wondering if we’re using magic. Like concocting a spell, we used a different combination of citrus hops and yeast to bring you into a realm that nobody has been to before. Stop by, hang out, and try this elixir.

Scarlet Night- Red Ale/American Amber, 5.8% ABV
A blend of five different malts gives this brew intense red color and complexity, a medium body with light caramel sweetness and a feint roast finish. Just enough hops balance it out with a slight bitterness and great flavor that trails into an earthy floral nose. Red sky at night… a beer drinker’s delight.

Will be conditioned with Habanero, and Blueberry.

Envy- Chicory Stout, 5.5% ABV
The third installment of our 7 deadly stout series is flavored with chicory root. The Ancient Romans and Egyptians were known to consume chicory to help cleanse the liver and blood. Medicinal qualities aside, chicory gives this beer a coffee-like flavor without the caffeine. We hope you enjoy this delicious stout!


Insane In The Grain
8.3% ABV
We went back to the drawing board for our second Double IPA. Citra hops in the boiland and whirlpool, and a massive dry hop

Blood Orange Belgian Dubbel
6.4% ABV
Blood Orange flavor, balanced with a nice Belgian Dubbel

17 Mile IPA
7.4% ABV
A hop bomb American IPA. Powerful nose and 106 IBU from an onslaught of West Coast hops.

SPECIAL – Vanilla Porter Aged on Cinnamon (Description is for the basic Vanilla Porter)
8.3% ABV
Dark and full bodied. Aged on Madagascar vanilla beans for weeks before it hits the storage tanks. Low IBU and high gravity for an intense vanilla nose with a subdued hop presence.

Flounder Brewing

Two Ton Brewing


H-Town Helles 7% ABV (Special)
Pilsner, Munich, and Vienna malts come together with noble German hops to make the Hackettstown version of a Helles Bock. A crisp, light lager, with a pleasing hop character. The perfect welcome to summer.
Gold Bar Blonde 4.5% ABV
This golden ale is light in color, easy to drink, still packed with flavor. Citrus and floral notes come from a generous helping of Centennial and Cascade hops.

The Great Porter 5.5% ABV
Dark, roasty, chocolatey, creamy, with just the right amount of hops to offset the sweetness of the grain bill. Think you don’t like dark beers? Give this one a try and you may become a believer. We don’t call it Great for nothing.

Alt-F4 5% ABV
Munich-style Old Ale made with noble German Hallertauer and Select Spalter hops. Expect a golden-brown color, low bitterness, easy drinking, with good hop flavor


Brix City Brewing

Dark City Brewing

Jersey Girl Brewing

Climax Brewing

Alementary Brewing Company


Brotherton IPA – 6.6%
Brotherton IPA is golden hop magic in liquid form. As with all of our hop-driven beers, Brotherton IPA is gloriously unfiltered to retain every drop of hop goodness we’ve put so much effort into creating. This IPA delivers pure hop character for your sensory pleasure. Dry-hopped profoundly with Citra hops, this beer drips with notes of lychee, tropical citrus, and deep dank hop character.

Jersey Devil Double IPA – 8.4%
Jersey Devil Double IPA is our statement of what a Double IPA can be. Made in the hazy, obsessively aromatic Northeast style, and showcasing intense aromas and flavors of classic American hops with soft, drying bitterness and gentle malt character that makes the mouth water. Jersey Devil Double IPA is soft and juicy, with intense aromas of peachy tangerine juice, pine resin, and dank earthy-green hops!

Drip Down IPA – 7%
Made in the same obsessively aromatic style as all of our hop-forward ales, Drip Down is named for it’s saturated hop character. Golden, silky palate, soft bitterness, and massive indications of deep pine resin, citrus-peach juice, gooseberry, bright white grape, and tart kiwi.

Swarthy Invader – 9.6% (SPECIAL)
Rich Imperial Stout conditioned in previously used Heaven Hill and Wild Turkey bourbon barrels. After 8 loving weeks kissing that beautiful oak, we’re pleased to announce the release of Swarthy Invader. This stout is now showing classic flavors of oaky vanilla, dark chocolate, gentle coffee, and caramel-bourbon. Dark, thick, and as swarthy as they come!

Cape May Brewing Company

Czig Meister Brewing

Double Nickel Brewing Company

Krogh’s Brewing Company


American Pale Ale (Dry Hopped w/ El Dorado & Flaconer’s Flight)
ABV: 5%
Like our forefathers before us we are driven by a passion for discovery and perfection. Our American Pale Ale tries to capture those passions. This beer is always brewed with the same malt bill but an ever-evolving hop profile to help us discover new and different hop combinations. This brew in particular uses El Dorado & Flaconer’s Flight giving this pale great citrus and tropical hop aromas.

Muchas Cervezas (Mexican Lager)
ABV: 4.6%
A Mexican Lager brewed with fresh lime juice, lime zest and lime pulp. A nice refreshing lager with a subtle aromas and flavors of lime.

West Coast IPA
ABV: 8%
This beers strong tropical hop aroma comes from being heavily dry hopped with Summit, Amarillo & the formerly known as Equinox hops. The golden color and dry, bitter finish make this a hop lovers beer.

SPECIAL – Smoked Imperial Porter
A strong porter brewed with smoked malts.

Spellbound Brewing

Three 3’s Brewing Company

Trap Rock Brewery

Departed Soles Brewing Company

Backwards Flag


Gaslight Brewery Restaurant